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Real Estate Marketing Minute

Real Estate Marketing Podcast focused on technology and results driven marketing. We discuss technology, strategies and tactics to help Real Estate Agents get the most from their marketing.

Aug 29, 2018

Great conversation with Lindsay Tjepkema and Doug Karr about ethics in marketing.

Aug 27, 2018

What we learned about Account Based Marketing at Uberflip's Conex.

Aug 15, 2018

Hello, and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This is the weekly roundup for the week of August 19 through 25th. This week we've got on our calendar two wacky holidays: one being National Senior Citizen day, and that is on the 21st of August, and the other one is National Waffle Day on the 24th of August. So,...

Aug 13, 2018

We decided it'd be a good idea to do a podcast on reviews and recommendations, and how that can impact your being found online.

Aug 8, 2018

An enlightening interview with Johna Cripe and Nicky Corder on the services that Harmony Moves offers in Senior Relocation. A must listen for any real estate agent.