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Jul 16, 2018

We discuss what Blockchain technology is and how it can used in the real estate industry for to provide greater transactional security.

Jul 13, 2018

Hello, and welcome to The Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week's a technical week for us so your task for this week is gonna be a real light and simple blog post. The topic of that blog post is going to be Five Things Not to Do Before you Close. We just want to make a little list of five things not to do before you close. It could be three if you can't think of five, but just put the title in bold and then say why not to do it. It might be something like, "Don't buy a new car the week before you close." Or, "Don't open a credit card the week before you close," because those things will impact your credit rating and they'll have to go back and start the process all over again. So, stuff like that. Put that in that post and just five or, three or five things, whatever works best for you, and put it out there on your social channels. Put it on your blog post, obviously, and get it out there. Spread it far and wide. That's your task for this week. Thanks for watching The Real Estate Marketing Minute. We'll see you next time.

Jul 11, 2018

Weekly round up for July 15 -21. Moons (Not that kind!), Sour Candy and HVAC

Jul 9, 2018

In this episode we talk through many aspects of reverse mortgages. We talk about qualifying, benefits and impact a reverse mortgage can have on heirs and more...

Jul 6, 2018

Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week's a local expertise week so I got two things for you actually this week. One's kind of just a little rant, a little vent, just maybe even a public service announcement. And then the other is your task for the week.

Jul 2, 2018

Digging into how to make great videos for real estate marketing. More than just listings and tours.

Jun 29, 2018

Hello and welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This week we're doing the buyer's journey. This is a technical piece, this is something for your website. What you're gonna do is go out and create a buyer's journey worksheet.

This is just like the seller's worksheet that we did a little while back, and you're gonna go through, and you're just gonna detail every aspect of buying. From identifying what you want, deciding on your budget, getting pre-approved, right up to looking at homes, things to look for, negotiating contracts and inspections. Every aspect of what buying a home in your area means needs to go into this document.

You want to touch on anything specific to your are. Are attorneys needed in order to close a contracts? Title research and that sort of thing. How liens are handled, as well as maybe easements, anything along those lines needs to go into this buyer's journey document.

Once you've got it done, once you've written it up, make sure that you put it on your website, make sure that you post links to the website on your social channels, and then even send an email about it. This is a great way to communicate with people that may be looking to buy or sell that haven't done it in a while, or they're first-time home buyers, because it lends sense of authority to you as a technical resource for buying and selling homes.

So, that's your task for this week. Come up with your buyer journey, put it on your site, and disseminate it.

Thanks for watching Real Estate Marketing Minute, we'll see you next time.

Jun 27, 2018

Welcome to Real Estate Marketing Minute. It's time for our Weekly Roundup for the week of July 1 through July 7. As most of you probably know, we have a big one coming up next week, July 4th, Independence Day. Make sure you got something great to put out there on your social channels that really expresses how you feel about our Independence Day and our country as a whole.

Jun 25, 2018

Great conversation with Whitney Vredenburgh of Nested Spaces about home staging benefits. Nested Spaces is an Indianapolis based home staging service committed to providing clients with best in the business design services.

Jun 22, 2018

Welcome the the real estate marketing minute. As you can see, I'm out here at a festival at a local park. There's a lot of stuff going on, a lot of people around. There's live music and food and all sorts of fun stuff. This is a great example of something that you could do in your area to help demonstrate your local expertise, so your task for this week, get out there, show a local park, show a local area, show a local event, something highlighted. Do a video, maybe even a Facebook live, and then go back and put it up on your blog, put it on YouTube and post it to all your social channels, and send an email about it as well. This is gonna help you establish your local expertise, so make sure you get out there and do that, and as a bonus, the Fourth of July's coming up real soon, so if you do send that email, make sure to list where fireworks are gonna be in that email. That way people can get out and go to fireworks and give you the credit for it, so thanks for watching real estate marketing minute. We'll see you next time.

Jun 20, 2018

Welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute Weekly Roundup for June 24 through June 30, 2018. The only wacky holiday we’ve got coming up this week is the 27th, and that is National Sunglass Day. I’m sure you can have a lot of fun with that on your social channels. Then since it is the end of the month, what we want to do is make sure we’re getting our newsletter ready to send out next month, early next month. Make sure you got that going and you got that done.

Thanks for watching the Real Estate Marketing Minute. We’ll see you next time.

Jun 18, 2018

Hello. Welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. If you recall last week we had to do a local restaurant review and like I said, we're going to walk through and do technical and local. So this week we're gonna focus on technical. And this week's technical item is what I call "The Seller's Journey". So what we need to do is sit down and write every aspect of what it means to sell a home in your area. Start off with prepping the home for sale, and make sure that they're aren't any shrines to pets or ...

Jun 15, 2018

Lately the social media giants have gotten a lot of attention because of data privacy violations. In this episode Doug and walk through the issues surrounding data privacy. Hope you enjoy.

Jun 14, 2018

Welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Minute. This is our wacky holiday Weekly Roundup for the week of June 17th-23rd, 2018. So, next week on the 18th, we have Go Fishing Day, one of my favorites. So, take the day and go fishing. Don't even bother to work. No, really. Just find a nice meme, put it out there on your social channels.

And then on the 22nd, it's Onion Ring Day. So, if you're a big fan of onion rings, I'm sure you can have a lot of fun with that.

And so, we're coming up kind of toward the middle of the month. The market stats for last month should be coming out sometime soon. Don't forget to post those to your social media, send an email about them, that sort of thing.

Thanks for watching. We'll talk to you on the next Real Estate Marketing Minute.

Jun 14, 2018

Welcome to the first episode of the Real Estate Marketing Minute, by Agent Sauce, I'm Adam Small. Over the years we've worked with thousands of real estate agents, and on the recurring themes that we see is that real estate agents really want to do content marketing, they know they should be doing content marketing, but they don't really know what to do with content marketing. What sort of content they should be putting out. So with the Real Estate Marketing Minute, what we're going to do, is put out a couple videos week, and give you ideas and tips on what kind of content to put out, and how to put it out there, where to put it, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, that sort of thing, social media, blog and all that.

                                    And we're going to take two different tracks with it. One is going to be a technical track, and then the other is going to be a hyper local track. That way we're demonstrating your expertise as well as highlighting your knowledge of the local areas too. So it's going to be a two-fold track, sometimes we're going focus solely on the hyper local stuff, and talk about restaurants, and reviews and events, and then other times we're going to talk about some of the really in depth technical stuff about buying a home, selling a home, or all the other things that are involved in that.

                                    And through this, as you follow along with us, we're going to develop a really nice library of content for your website, and social media presences that really highlight what a great asset you are to any potential buyer or seller. With that being said, our first task for you this week is going to by hyper local. It's going to be a restaurant review.

                                    So we want you to go out and pick a restaurant to review, one that you like, in the area that you want to work in, and go to it, take pictures of the outside, take pictures of your food, take note of how great the food is, what the service is like, as well as highlight the stuff around that restaurant. Make sure that you talk about how walkable it is, or what's in the areas that makes it more than just a one-and-done event, like going to the restaurant, and then you could go for a walk afterwards, and see the sights, check out this canal or something along those lines, to really highlight why that restaurant, in particular, is a great place to go and how you can do a lot more than just sit and eat.

                                    So that's your task for this week, do a great restaurant review. Thanks for watching. Don't forget to click add, subscribe, like us, that sort of thing. If you want to learn more you can check us out at or contact us at

Jun 8, 2018

In this episode Doug and I provide some tips, tricks and things to look forward to when doing Facebook Live videos.

Jun 1, 2018

All the ins and outs of using landing pages in your real estate marketing efforts.

May 25, 2018

A great discussion with Doug on some of the amazing things that he saw while at Dell Tech World 2018

May 18, 2018

In this episode we talk about how good photography can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

May 10, 2018

Mobile Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Feb 8, 2018

Looking to enhance your real estate marketing with a Real Estate Podcast? Listen to our real estate podcast where we talk about how to get started with your own real estate podcast, what equipment and software you will need, how to syndicate and distribute your real estate podcast and even provide some thoughts on good topics and, hopefully, make you the top real estate podcast in your area.

Jan 27, 2018

Most real estate agents know that Millennials are one of the fastest growing segments of real estate buyers. With that in mind we sat down with our very millennial, Intern Austin, and talked about real estate marketing to Millennials.