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Real Estate Marketing Minute

Real Estate Marketing Podcast focused on technology and results driven marketing. We discuss technology, strategies and tactics to help Real Estate Agents get the most from their marketing.

Nov 14, 2022

Adam Small (00:02):
Hello and welcome back to the Real Estate Marketing Minute Weekly Roundup, powered by Agent Sauce. So next week's a big holiday. We've got Thanksgiving coming up and whether you've sent cards or not, you need to go ahead and create a Thanksgiving email to send to your email list. Stay in touch, get in front of these people cuz you probably didn't send cards to everybody on your list. And if they get a Thanksgiving card from you and an email, that's okay. They'll appreciate it.

It's all about Thanksgiving, right? When you send this email, try to personalize it a little bit and put in maybe a recipe that's one of your favorites for Thanksgiving, and talk a little bit about why it's your favorite or perhaps describe one of the family traditions or traditions that you do with the people that you celebrate Thanksgiving with, to kind of personalize it and show a little bit of who you are and make it more emotional for the person reading it. So that's the big one for next week.

Now, of course, following that Saturday is Small Business Saturday, which is an excellent opportunity if you wanted to maybe throw a couple of local businesses into that email and talk about why it's important to support them on Small Business Saturday.

That's our weekly roundup. If you like what you see, don't forget to click on the end, Subscribe buttons, and we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and thanks for watching.